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Our story

Essex Barns is a business founded in 2016 specialising in the purchase of redundant barns and farm buildings.

Many owners of existing barns and farm buildings are unaware of their value and potential thus the buildings are often left to fall into disrepair and ruin which is a loss for the existing owners.

Converting redundant buildings is a sustainable way to create a new home. Converting redundant buildings into homes means they live to serve another generation.

We have teamed up with Bardfield based Gray and Co Estate Agents who can help and advise on your property sale without commission.

Essex Barns Services
Church Barn (5)

We are part of a family business that is passionate about breathing new life into redundant and derelict buildings in a modern and sympathetic way so that the character and ambience are never compromised.

As part of our development plan we take your existing privacy very seriously and will make sure that this is upheld during and after the development because our aim is to make sure your privacy is retained.

We are always ready to purchase Essex Barns and farm buildings even when they are in a poor state of repair.

Interested in selling a barn or farm building for development?

Feel free to get in contact with us to discuss the options